Previous calls

MANUNET and MANUNET II have launched 10 successful calls for proposals from 2007 to 2016. The indicators below describe MANUNET and MANUNET II as widely used programmes, focused on SME needs, with a demonstrated impact, strongly rooted in the European manufacturing substrate and with a clear presence in participating countries and regions.

Planned goals have been achieved:

  • Yearly calls for proposals
  • More than 960 proposals received
  • High involvement of SMEs (more than 2500)
  • More than 220 projects and 610 SMEs funded
  • More than 220 M€ invested (public and private)

MANUNET has proved to be an ideal complementary programme halfway between NMP and the national funding programmes. It brings SMEs into international cooperation, focusing on short term projects with higher success ratio and smaller consortia.

For more information about funded projects check: Success stories

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