Production of Body Care Textiles for Aromatherapy Applications

Romania Turkey

The main objective of AROMATERATEX project is to produce therapeutically effective aromatherapetic textile materials by using biologically active natural compounds. Biologically active therapeutic substances are isolated from sustainable natural products. These substances are isolated using appropriate encapsulation techniques to obtain controlled release and durability against the environmental effects. Encapsulated substances are applied to textiles, which have different compositions and structures, via different techniques. Thus the physical and comfort properties of aromateraphy textiles are analyzed. Characterizations of substances, microparticles, hydrogels, emulsions and dispersions and end products are done at every step of project using analytical and instrumental techniques. At this point of view, a SME from Turkey will produce the needed essential and support oils, such as black cumin, sage and germanium etc, and a SME from Romania will produce the fabrics and a large enterprise from Turkey will focused on finishing and apparel of fabrics. Three universities and one research center will support academically and technically at every step of project.  The specific objectives are:                                                                                                             -Development and accomplishment of ecotextile supports with aromatherapy and antimicrobialproperties using biologically active compounds;                                                                              -Elaboration and evaluation of a experimental models for ecotextile materials with aromatherapy and antimicrobial properties.

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January 2017