GRADMAT - New Production Process for Functionally Materials Improving Surface Properties

Basque Country, Spain Piedmont, Italy

The main goal of the project is to develop innovative coatings techniques in order to harden, to improve surface wear resistance and at the same time to obtain non-stick behaviour, both for food and non- food sector.

Today high performance surfaces are needed for workpieces like joint-balls, and additional elements used in steering and suspension systems for the heavy trucks, off-road vehicles and agricultural machinery sectors; also cookware and household based on non-stick coatings need to improve technical features of the coating in order to increase the time duration of the products.

A coating which is “hard” and which “slides”: to find a new product/process which joins the two requirements is a “plus” for different customer’s applications, today the market doesn’t cover this demand. Project’s goal is to develop high performance product/processes, in order to create a potential market of about 16 M€/year, with consequent positive occupational growth for the countries involved.

Concerning on innovative coating technologies, GRADMAT approach will be oriented on research, experimentation and validation of breakthrough solutions for dry lubrication, hardness and wear resistance in food and non-food applications, in order to obtain better performances, lower costs and lower environmental impacts.

Since the research is co-operative, links will be created by this joint research activity between trans-national companies, and economic relationships will be developed. European SMEs will work together in areas of mutual but not conflicting interest, achieving technological solutions to improve the approach towards solving their common problems. Besides, the project will improve SMEs knowledge and will permit to share experience and skills between the different companies in different countries.

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January 2017