Muon Detector Innovative manufacturing

Israel Castilla y León, Spain

MiDi aims at developing innovative manufacturing technologies for volume production of proprietary cosmic rays muons detectors for security (e.g.detection of shielded nuclear material) and underground mapping (e.g.civil engineering, mineral exploration) applications. The sales forecast for next 5 years is significant: ~ 5000 and ~ 18,000 detectors for security and underground, respectively. During the last years, the high energy physics community has developed muon detectors, but none of them has stepped from lab environment to the market, since they are fragile and require ongoing gas flow due to outgassing of their electronic components. Besides, there is a need to overcome the assembly procedure, currently accomplished manually, and achieve efficient, automated production.Our project will overcome these two barriers through highly innovative manufacturing approaches; for such a purpose it gathers Lingacom (a technology expert in Cosmic Rays Muons Detection), and SEADM’s, global leader in advanced analysis of gases via Differential Mobility Analysis-Mass Spectrometry. In addition, Sapienza University’s SASLab Laboratory (expert in electronics outgassing) will be a subcontractor.

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January 2017