SorTing system for dEmolition WAste based on advanced RoboTics

Romania Spain Finpiemonte, Italy

The aim of the project is to increase the recycle of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) materials, the performances and the added value of CDW-based products by developing an innovative technology for sorting CDW. The waste sorting system will be based on real-time classification algorithms, in order to sort different CDW materials such as: bricks, tiles, stone, plasterboard, glass, wood and plastic. The advanced sorting technologies are key technology to maximize percentage of recycled CDW from less than 50% up to 90-95% also optimizing quality of each fraction/material for high-value applications. The proposed project is based on three major innovations: 1. The sensing technology, based on 3D/RGB cameras and IR sensors; 2. The control strategy coordinating the sensing technology and programming the robot cell motion; 3. The mechatronic system, that will include advanced grasping technology. The challenging objectives set by the STEWART project will be achieved thanks to the expertise of three European SMEs: MOVI.TEC, project coordinator and system integrator, INDAGO, in charge of the control system, and Intelectro, responsible for the sensor technologies.

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January 2017