Lead-free piezoelectric devices by additive manufacturing (3D printing and multilayer)

Wallonia, Belgium Norway

The 3D-PIEZO project will develop a manufacturing chain for lead (Pb)-free piezoelectric devices for ultrasonics and other applications. 3D printing and multilayer lamination will be the principal manufacturing methods, applying high performance lead-free piezoelectric ceramics. All critical steps of the manufacturing chain will be developed and demonstrated at TRL 6. Optimised versions of at least two different materials systems will be applied: bismuth sodium titanate (BNT) and potassium sodium niobate (KNN). The consortium consists of two SMEs and one research organisation: Ceramic Powder Technology AS is a Norwegian producer of advanced ceramics powder by spray pyrolysis, CERHUM S.A. in Wallonia is a specialist in 3D printing of ceramics, and SINTEF is the largest research organisation in Norway. To guide the project and provide component designs, 3D-PIEZO will have an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) with representatives from companies that use piezoelectric components in their products or services.

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January 2017