4D printed flexible and stretchable energyharvesting devices based on innovative electrically tunable elastomers

Asturias, Spain Romania

4D printing appears as a new alternative approach across 3D printing technology paying attention to the fact that the printed products continue to evolve over time acting as smart responsive products, opening the door to different applications. In the era of deficiency of energy resources the concept of power generation through energy harvesting form the ambient movement has gained great importance and, the development of low power consumption portable devices could play and essential role. 4DPrintEN will be focused on that challenge, the development of a complete chain of product development of new harvesting electrical energy device: innovative nanostructured elastomers, design of components geometry and features, development of customized 3D printers and validation activities. The efficient way for harvesting electrical energy from mechanical movements is based on the use of piezoelectric materials and, the influence of the shape and size of nanostructured elastomers in the piezoelectric properties will be analyzed and defined, allowing that 3D printed products to continue to evolve over time acting as smart responsive products under electro-mechanic stress.

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January 2017