Anti-Reflective & UV blocking FILter for glasses of museum showcases.

Navarra, Spain Turkey

ARUVFIL project aims to develop an advanced sol-gel based technology easily and cost-efficient applied to glass that will allow to put in the market a low-cost anti-reflecting coating for visible light combined with UV wavelength blocking, spreading its use in displays/showcases for museums and galleries. The solution developed will be applied and validated during the project for display and/or show cases (for pictures, paints and other artworks of Cultural Heritage), but could be made extensive to other displays or screens applications in different sectors (Smart-phones, TVs, PC monitors, etc.) as well as for food displays and window displays. The coating solution proposed will be based on an easy to apply and low curing temperature sol-gel technology, which will be optimized through the searching of best working parameters in industrial equipment, in order to reduce as much as possible production costs and gain the targeted price for the treated glass.

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January 2017