Nano-Materials in Asphalt Pavements

Western Greece Norway

The project objective is the development, analysis, characterization, and testing of graphene-enforced asphalt concrete for advancing stiffness and durability of asphalt pavements. The development focuses on modifying asphalt concrete with graphene oxide or reduced graphene oxide studying the appropriate mixing proportion and process, the properties of the new material and its potential for market penetration in asphalt pavement construction. Complementary analyses will be performed for energy efficient production, health impact assessment, economic feasibility and sustainability assessment. The main innovation beyond the current state-of-the-art lies on the multi-disciplinary approach followed for exploring alternative material structures and enhancing bonding/adhesion among constituents (nano-material, bitumen, and aggregates) and on the detailed material characterization at all levels from nano/micro-scale to macro-scale and real-life field testing. The consortium includes three R&D partners and two SMEs with expertise on asphalt pavement design and construction, nano-material production and characterization, and material bonding/adhesion methods at nano/micro and macro-scale.

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January 2017