New textiles for parietal defects

Romania Turkey

The PariTex project will develop new textiles materials for parietal abdominal defects, based fibers/yarns made of non-absorbable and resorbable polymers (biopolymers) obtained by classical and unconventional (electrospinning) technologies. Knitted and non-woven fabrics characterized by mass, thickness, porosity, density, dimensions, etc. are functionalized by incorporating or coating with substances that have the goal of: reducing adherence to human tissue, reducing the risk of infection, monitoring healing time by using controlled release systems based on natural polymers, reducing abdominal discomfort and associated pain. Assessing the level of biological performance, test the mutagenic potential by using the micronucleus test on the hematogenic marrow of mice to determine the sensitizing potential, acute local tolerance, cytotoxicity and subacute toxicity.

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January 2017