PrOduct usage KnowlEdge with ioT

Romania Puglia, Italy

The POKET project intends to develop an innovative solution based on IoT enabling technologies, in order to create an IoT architecture as reference framework for intelligent products.The ambition is to make available to companies, in particular SMEs, an effective system to transform information into knowledge along the product lifecycle, thus improving product and service quality, efficiency and sustainability. One of the challenges is the multiprotocol configurable gateway that enables data transfer (generated during the usage phase) to the backend data system, allowing a seamless easy hardwaretocloud integration of the objects belonging to the sensing level. The main system objective is to pave the way to collaboration between the middle of life phase actors and beginning of life and end of life phase ones for technological products such as electromechanical machines, household goods, etc. By feeding product usage information back to the earlier design and production phases and forwards to support areas (e.g. maintenance), the project aims to provide key players effective instruments to create better uses, services, design improvements and then added value.

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January 2017