ReconfigurAble Mould for BOat cmposite manufacturing

Basque Country, Spain Overijssel, Netherlands Finpiemonte, Italy

SMEs represent more than 95% of boat manufacturers: they yet operate with traditional manual manufacturing processes, strongly affected by the ability of the operator. Besides since the number of the produced parts per year is quite low, the mould costs highly influence the parts cost. The development of a die is a costly and labour-intensive process, as the die shape must be modified until sufficiently accurate parts are produced. Some flexible moulds are available on the market, however, they still cannot achieve a high-quality level of the final product and are affected by high lead time and production costs. RAMBOat will focus on the development and validation of a new generation of low-cost flexible and competitive manufacturing tools for boat composite parts. The goal is to obtain that are a step beyond existing tools. The innovative mould system will be based on a reconfigurable mould, suitable to manufacture composite boat parts, based on a patented technology and complemented by an advanced closed-loop control system based on 3D high precision metrology. The RAMBOat process will enable 50% manufacturing cost reduction and production time from days to hours.

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January 2017