Automation in pre-vulcanization of tyres and assembly line automation

Romania Norway

reTyre is a modular tyre system consisting of a detachable tread surface and a base tyre. The system allows for change of the tread pattern and surface materials without removing or changing the tyre itself. The method and technology is patented, and reTyre is the first to achieve a fully viable and scalable modular tyre system. The technology is highly adaptable and suitable for for scooters, motorcycles, strollers, wheelchairs and the likes. The modular tyre system provides functional and environmental benefits, as well as significant industrial benefits. Due to the material composition of standard tyres every tyre is made manually, thus resulting in little scale benefits. Modular tyres separate the production of tread from the base tyre, potentially allowing for full automation of the tread manufacturing process. Through collaborated European R&D efforts, the ultimate goal of the project is to achieve automated tyre manufacturing. The project consortium focus on automation initiatives and scalable solutions for modular tyre manufacturing, aiming to achieve stable mass production quality and reducing waste and production cost.

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January 2017