Intelligent system for network health monitoring

Romania Puglia, Italy

The project concerns to develop a system for automatic monitoring of 3 biological parameters (EEG, ECG and pulse oximetry), permanently wearable by the patient, the acquired data being permanently sent to a monitoring center, were the patient is managed by an automatic assistance platform. This means more than a polysomnography monitor (PSG) or a monitor for some biological parameters, usable in monitoring patient’s health status. The system is a wearable solution for monitoring the patient’s health 24-hours a day, transmitting the collected data via mobile phone (Android and iOS platform) to a monitoring center, where an e-Health platform manages the patient’s health status information. Basing on these data, routine or emergency interventions reduce time considerably. The beneficiaries of this system are monitored patients, aged people and monitored healthy subjects. Currently socio-economic progress within the European Community, involves the monitoring of the health of some increasingly wider categories in the social (elderly) and professional field (persons engaged in special activities at high risk) so the real-time monitoring could be critical for many beneficiaries.

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January 2017