COMP_µ_INJECTION - Tools and method for competitive µ-injection process industrialization

Basque Country, Spain Piedmont, Italy Slovenia

The project has developed a methodology for the rapid industrialization of ?-products/?-parts using the ?-injection and MIM process (Metal Injection Molding). The methodology includes products and tool design rules, a specific FEAM application and control plan implementation rules. The methodology has been tested on three different parts from the medical (plastic injection and MIM) and automotive sector (plastic injection). Finally this methodology is consolidated in a Knowledge Database. This KB allows to store and retrieve in an intelligent manner:

  • part and tool design rules;
  • materials for parts and moulds;
  • machinery characteristics;
  • measurement process and devices;
  • the history of the set up process for each specific part: part requirements, material specifications, machines characteristics, simulation results, process parameters, defects and quality data; etc.

The use of the methodology supported by the Knowledge database will be a key factor for the reduction of the ?_ parts and ?_products development and industrialization cycle time.

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January 2017