INTERSPINMILLHEAD - Milling birotary head with interchengable electrospindle

Basque Country, Spain Piedmont, Italy

The project is oriented to the sector of manufacturing of milling machines, especially for mold-making machines, where complex shape working is required.

In this field it is necessary to use a large amount of time for machining, using automatic working centers, and the possibility of reduce the manufacturing time is very interesting for the market.

For this reason two axis head are used in order to increase the number of axis from 3 to 5 in order to increase the complexity of the operation which can be made by the machine, reducing the working time, because it is no more necessary to change the layout of the workpiece.

The purpose of the project is to realise a new concept bi-rotary head, able to carry different kind of electrospindle in order to perform different working operation: heavy milling and finishing.

The innovation of this project mainly consists in the design of a bi-rotary head able to carry different kind of spindles. The spindles will be interchangeable with fast automatic system, also without any intervention of the operator. In this way the machine tool adopting this bi-rotary head will improve its working capability and could be used for heavy milling and finishing also allowing complex operation due to the addition of the two axis of the bi-rotary head.

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