NANOWELL - Nanostructured functional and active textiles for well-being

Piedmont, Italy Slovenia Tuscany, Italy

The project will bring innovative technologies for the development of novel functional bioresponsive materials with tailored and active properties, which can be used to create new textiles with specific characteristics to be exploited in medical, healthcare and hygiene applications. Bioactive substances as biocides, antibacterial agents or molecules will be released e.g. by the body during the inflammation process or to the skin during the sweating or changing the pH. A common feature for all of bioactive substances used is that they have to reach their target site in an active form to perform their task. Accordingly, bioactive substances will be added into various carrier materials where they will remain inert but active. Challenges for the encapsulation technologies will vary according to the substances and matrix carriers used. The application of the selected capsules and bioresponsive gel thin film onto selected textiles in a durable and stable manner will be investigated for the production of different textile materials, in order to overcome some limitations related with the health and care properties of the conventional product.

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January 2017