DMWT - Domestic Micro Wind Turbine

Slovakia Tuscany, Italy

The goal of this project is the realization of a vertical axis micro wind turbine for the production of renewable energy to domestic level. The innovation of the search is the production of energy through a lower part technology environmental impact. The wind microturbine "not conventional" it is fit to the generation of electric (up to 3 KW) power with independent potentiality from the direction of the wind.

The machine can directly be installed on the roofs of the residences without particular shrewdness.

Its dimensions should be around to 1 mc and a weight max of 40 Kg. These elements would open the European market to this machine.

In fact the expense of purchase of the same one would be amortizable during the first 5 years. Besides the life of the machine is valued in a period of over 15 years with a minimum of maintenance ordinary each 30.000 hours of operation.

The low price of purchase, the facility of installation directly from the buyer on his/her own roof of house, the saving of the single families, the saving of the firms and the business, the benefit of the whole community, the least environmental impact they would do a product of breadth of it consumption over that of primary utility.

The importance of the international cooperation is determined by the wish to open the national market to the foreign markets. Mannelli spa wants to create a channel of opening of the market toward the countries of the east. Both companies see in the collaboration the possibility of business growth.

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