AVAILAFACTURING - Development of a tool for the management of Technical Assistance Service Networks for the availabili

Basque Country, Spain Slovakia Slovenia

AVAILAFACTURING is a technological development and innovation Project aiming at sizing continuously and optimally Technical Assistance Networks. It is really difficult for EU countries to compete only with the products they serve, so it is necessary for their companies to add value through product + service packages.

In the market sector where availability and reliability of the products reppresents one of the most dominant factor contributing to the competitiveness of producers, there the optimal Technical service network is desired.

The service provided by a Technical Assistance Service network can be an important differential to buy a product if the purchase is done using a life cycle approach. Thus, developing procedures and processes to optimize their service oriented us to find a gap in the market that can be exploded through the application of this project. Thus, the project will generate computer based tools and procedures that will determine optimal locations for Technical Assistance Offices/plants and will size them properly considering overall cost and product availability criteria.

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January 2017