EFFECT - Energy Efficient Fibre Transport

Slovenia Tuscany, Italy

During the production of non woven fabrics the fibers are transported, with the help of an air flow within transport tubes, from one processing machine to another. Each individual processing machine is a highly complex mechanical device which has been highly optimized and automated over the years. In contrast little attention has been paid to the transport system connecting these machines together. Research has shown that the transport system is often overpowered by up to 30% in order to avoid potential blockages.

This project aims to reduce the energy costs for transporting fibers in non woven textile applications. This is to be achieved by:

  • Providing "optimal pipe line layout" guidelines for existing and new non woven plants.
  • The realization of a measurement and control system to optimize the quantity of fibers transported versus energy consumption.
  • Indications of possible alternative energy efficient transport systems for the transport of the fibers.

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January 2017