3D Printing

Manunet is looking for projects in New manufacturing methods, components and systems (development of demonstrators, devices, tooling and equipment, logistic systems, etc.). Is your new project in this Manunet topic?

The strategic objective of the MANUNET call for proposals is to foster the competitiveness of Europe’s Manufacturing Industry by co-funding manufacturing research projects performed by enterprises (preferably SMEs) and their strategic partners.

The funding objectives of the call are transnational application oriented and high risk R&D projects related to Manufacturing. The project proposals must clearly demonstrate:

  • Transnational, collaborative R&D with a significant degree of innovation and scientific and technical risk
  • SME strong participation
  • Market orientation
  • Application and practical use of manufacturing technologies
  • Expertise of the project partners in their respective fields of competence
  • Added value through transnational cooperation

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January 2017